How to build trust with customers [Wamda TV]

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People are leading busier lives and there is little time left for DIY (do-it-yourself) household chores.

With no time for the home maintenance, and certainly no time to trawl the net for a suitable professional to fix a problem, all hail the online marketplaces penetrating the handyman sector.

A relatively new concept industry-wise, Hammerheads is one-stop-shop marketplace for tradesmen, ready to solve any user’s everyday challenges.

Other similar marketplaces on the scene in the UAE include Mrusta, Homegenie and Swiffix.

So how does Hammerheads, operational since July 2016, think they stand out from the rest?

With 45 contractors on their books, and 16 services on offer, and now over 180 customers, they say their biggest challenge has been building trust with clients. With too many being burnt by past bad experiences, their policy is one strike and you’re out.

In this video, founder and ‘captain on board’, Abdullah Jassim talks about building that trust and how they sometimes have to literally roll up their sleeves themselves to get the job done.

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