IoT-Leb: Internet of Things Made for Lebanon

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    March 09, 2017

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    March 09, 2017

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IoT in Lebanon has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in several industries, including agriculture, healthcare, urban planning, and more.

IoT-Leb is the first seminar on the Internet of Things in Lebanon. It aims to foster multi-stakeholder collaboration by bringing together Lebanese institutions, universities, funding and incubation partners, and industrials involved in IoT. Speakers from different backgrounds will present the recent advances in IoT technologies, business opportunities, and innovation processes in Lebanon.

The event will be taking place on Thursday March 9 at ESIB Campus, Mar Roukous, and will feature two keynote speeches, “IoT Components and Challenges” and “IoT Infrastructure and Regulation in Lebanon”, as well as two panels, “IoT Applications and Opportunities” and “IoT Enablers in Lebanon".

The event will also feature an exhibition of IoT products, including a number of tools and services that attendees can try out.

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