Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 4th Ed.

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    Hello Tomorrow

  • Start date

    October 26, 2017

  • End date

    October 27, 2017

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Deep-tech entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for this year’s Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, which aims to empower and connect the most promising deep-tech enterprises across the globe to take breakthrough technologies out from the lab and into the real world.


This year’s challenge will select the 50 best startups from 10 industries and sectors: Data & AI, energy transition, environment, food & agriculture, human wellbeing, healthcare, industry 4.0, new materials, mobility, or aerospace.

Participating startups will compete for numerous prizes among them one €100K grand prize.

Eligibilty criteria to take part in this challenge are as follow:

  • Project is in its early-stage of development (seed or series A).

  • Projects that are about to be spinned-out from academic labs are accepted, as long as they have a strong proof of concept.

  • Project is based on a scientific discovery, an advanced technology, a complex engineering process or an innovative application of an existing technology.

  • Project could solve an industrial, societal or environmental need or create a new market for it.

  • The team must consist of at least 2 individuals who are working on the project.

The summit will happen October 26 & 27, preceded by an ‘Investor Day’ on October 25, where the top 500 startups are invited to meet with the leading seed and early-stage VCs.

Apply before June 1.

When applying, be sure to mention the referral code WAM005 in the "Additional Information" section.

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