Lebnet Ignite#4 graduates 8 startups

Lebnet Ignite#4, a program designed to immerse Lebanese startup founders in the Silicon Valley culture, graduated this year eight startups. These include Wango, Parkr, Petriotics, Makerbrane, Vbout, Neumann, Riego, and Sqwirl. This year’s version was powered by the French Tech Hub.

Lebnet Ignite, is a venture by LebNet, a US-based Lebanese-American high-tech professional society with a member concentration in Silicon Valley, CA.

Since 2015, Lebnet has selected innovative startups from Lebanon to experience a full Silicon Valley immersion through an intensive startup bootcamp packed with workshops, pitches, jury feedback, and mentoring sessions. Since its inception, Lebnet Ignite has provided a platform for early stage startups to develop their business plans, attract investors, access a wide knowledge network, and establish mentoring relationships that extend well beyond the Ignite week.

Lebnet’s partners in Lebanon (LFE, UK Lebanon Tech Hub, MEVP, Speed Lebanon) play an integral role in the Ignite program as they nominate the startups and act as sponsors, after which LebNet makes the final selection.

After completing LebNet Ignite, startups have the option of benefiting from Lebnet Advise, a program that grants them the opportunity to connect and work with a mentor from our network on a regular basis, as they continue to develop and scale.

Some success stories from Lebnet Ignite Alumni include: Next Automated Robots which just finalized a round of fundraising with local VC, Leap Ventures, Rationalpixels which raised an angel investment of $375,000 from Spain, Synkers which attracted 6000 students, recruited 540 tutors, and completed more than 5,200 hours of tutoring on the platform in six months and will be competing at Arabnet Digital Summit in the Startup Championship, and Zoomal which has been scaled to be based in Silicon Valley.

Image via LebNet twitter

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