#MixNMentor coming to Amman: focus on scalability

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It’s that time of the year again! Mix N’ Mentor is back to Amman.

While the WRL team has found that the cost structure and talent availability in Jordan can be beneficial to new and experienced entrepreneurs looking to build MENA’s next big thing; Mix N’ Mentor Amman is offering workshops for all startups team members, not only founders.

On May 18, Wamda is organizing Mix N’ Mentor 2017 at the Zain Innovation Campus ZINC, located in King Hussein Business Park in Amman, in collaboration with Zain, Bank al Etihad and Start by Payfort..

Mix N' Mentor's opening talk in 2016. (image via Wamda)

For the first time at Mix N’ Mentor, technical workshops for startups’ employees will be held in parallel to the morning panel and afternoon workshops, addressing issues all team members face and teaching them how to capitalize on their talents and how to invest their skills for the startup’s benefit and their own.   

Mix N' Mentor has always been a cosy event, all about peer-to-peer learning and mentorship. But this year in Amman, it’s taking on a new challenge by addressing the scaling up issue in Jordan and helping entrepreneurs come up with solutions to scale their companies through multiple workshops led by industry experts.

Since funding is a startup’s biggest issue, Mix N’ Mentor will begin with a panel on access to finance, hosting a combination of representatives including Bank al Etihad and other experts from VCs. This panel will teach startups about the right time for them to raise funding, at which stage should they approach VCs and whether to approach VCs, angel investors or banks.   

So whether you’re a startup founder or a team member, Mix N’ Mentor Amman is the event that’ll put you on the right track towards your goals.   

Don’t miss that chance. Register here.

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