Berytech and NGO to launch a Business Innovation Center in Lebanon

Berytech has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development (MIF), to develop a Business and Innovation Center in Amchit.

MIF is a Lebanese NGO founded in 2012 in Amchit (Jbeil) bearing the name of the founder and chairman of the petroleum company IPT.

It aims to enhance local development through building capabilities within the community for self-employment and income generation, in addition to fostering entrepreneurship initiatives among the Lebanese youth to get involved in the business sector as employers, and to securing jobs for fresh graduates without the need to flee to the capital or to immigrate.


The center will have an area of 4,000 m2 and will be located on Amchit highway. It is due to open in fall 2018. It  aims at contributing to the economic development and bringing high value and impact to the Kesserwan, Jbeil and Northern Kazas.

Toni Issa, president of the MIF said that the project being the first of its kind in the area, would allow the attraction of the best talents, university students, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to the area thus reducing migration to Beirut for young professionals, enhancing innovation and contributing to local development.

Maroun Chammas, chairman and CEO of Berytech said that the center will work to create a dynamic community while constantly organizing networking events, meetups, and conferences to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in the above-mentioned areas while focusing on the ICT, smart agri-food, renewable energy, ecotourism and social entrepreneurship.

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