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    Taika Ström

  • Start date

    June 08, 2017

  • End date

    June 15, 2017

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Branding Workshop: let's dive deep & uncover what's your brand all about will be taking place on Thursday June 8 at Beirut Digital District.

The workshop is designed to allow entrepreneurs tell the story behind their startup or product. Understanding what narrative you want to convey about your startup would allow you to better pitch, present, and talk about your brand.

The structure of the workshop guides you through a series of hands-on exercises to allow you better realize your startup’s culture, vision, and values.

This workshop will benefit entrepreneurs, funded startups, small businesses, and CEOs who want a direct and clear answer to the simple question "What are we all about and why should anyone care?"

Also, another workshop titled ‘Mooser + Oöser: the most daring, talked about & avant-garde brand experiences’ will be happening on Thursday June 15 at Beirut Digital District.

This workshop allows you to better design your customer experience, in line with your startup’s culture. In short, this workshop focuses on bringing the various elements of digital content, campaigns, and collaborations, in order to create brand awareness and loyalty.

Both workshops will be held and moderated by Ms. Egle Karalyte, who has long experience in helping entrepreneurs and business leaders create engaging brand experiences, innovate new products or services, or simply to give them a kick to move forward.

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