Startup Watch: Kidpreneurs loading, virtual shopping, and anti-depression apps

The world of entrepreneurship news is a complex one, with people ever ready to give their two cents on how you should be running your business, pitching your business and what’s trending.

Here’s what you should know about how to plant the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids’ minds at a young age, the things to let go to be a successful entrepreneur, and the apps that work for your wellbeing.

Kidpreneurs in the making: While many argue whether the entrepreneurial spirit is innate or taught over time, here are five tips to encourage children to become entrepreneurs from a very young age: leading by examples, teaching them that failure is not the end of the world, letting them be passion-driven at a young age and telling them that free thinking is the way to go are the five golden rules to found the basis of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

11 let-gos to be a successful entrepreneur: With the success various entrepreneurs are witnessing nowadays, many are turning into true divas and celebrities. Sometimes, this could play against them in a way, and affect their career negatively. Here are 11 things to avoid in your journey, to keep away from ruining what your bright idea has got you. Letting go of ego and of workaholic attitudes are two things to keep in mind.

Watch out Silicon Valley: The ongoing entrepreneurial and startup dynamism in the MENA has turned into an area where innovation (and money) never sleeps. Reports and studies show that the region’s beat and growth tempo will not only result in one leading tech-hub, but several sub-hubs under one flag. If the west has one Valley, the MENA has its Valleys in the making.  

Your phone is the new Xanax: Technology is tapping into our emotions and mental serenity, and it’s getting funded by many. Funding for startups focusing on depression, anxiety, autism, schizophrenia, and other mental and emotional complications, have remarkably grown in the last few years. Reports reveal, investing in this market would reach $159 million. Drug companies will be complaining soon.

Wamda of the week: Online grocery deliveries rising in Egypt: As ecommerce is fast developing all over the MENA region, Egypt is witnessing a rise in the number of platforms that offer online deliveries for groceries in the country. A must read if you live in Egypt and seek fresh produce.

Try a dress on, virtually. As many online shoppers expect to increase their shopping if they can actually try the products they are shopping for, San Francisco-based startup, Avametric, is bringing an innovative clothing-fit technology that allows companies to build virtual dressing rooms and let customers try on clothing within the platform. Talk about VIP services.


Your boss knows you’re quitting: If you thought that applying to a LinkedIn job opportunity is discreet, think again. A US federal judge has ruled that the career site cannot use protective measures to stop third-parties from accessing public profiles. So your boss will be probably able to scan any changes you make in your LinkedIn profile, alerting a potential job change. Watch out!

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