11 Egyptian startups to participate in Innoventures Egypt's third Startup Reactor stage

Last year's winners (Image via Innoventures' Facebook page)

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Innoventures, an innovation platform launched in 2011 to bring Egyptian ideas to market, announced the top 11 startups chosen to proceed to 'Plasma', the third stage in its Startup Reactor program, in partnership with Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A), CEDARE and JuiceLabs.

During 'Plasma', entrepreneurs will have access to the startup-support benefits provided by Innoventures, including office space, legal company registration, branding, mentoring, and in-depth sessions about how to build a company, in addition to seed funding for the more advanced startups.

These 11 companies were selected out of 39 startups that took part in the second stage, 'Ignition', an intensive six-week training workshop that took place last May.

The program has already started working with these startups since July 2017, to launch and grow their companies, and to prepare for seeking further investment.

The 11 chosen startups that operate in different industries are:

1. Tomatiki: A technology company that produces smart agriculture products which help maximizing crop production, reducing cost, and securing agriculture sector investments in Egypt and Africa on the short term, and globally on the long term.

2. Imaginators: An online platform that helps people showcase their work professionally and interactively by allowing users to create interactive presentations.

3. Hanorder: A food ordering mobile application that focuses on group ordering. It allows users to pick a restaurant, select their food, and place the order.

4. Bionic Limbs: A prosthetic limbs startup that aims at providing amputees with a wide variety of solutions that boosts their productivity.

5. Nezaker: An integrated platform for parents that helps them improve their children’s educational, psychological, cultural, physical, social, and moral performance during the different education stages through smart short videos extending between three to 10 mins.

6. Agrona: A startup that manufactures particleboard from agricultural residues using a new technology and manufacturing of other engineered wood and natural fiber composites.

7. Okhtub: An matchmaking platform and mobile app that provides life partner recommendations; so that only verified people could be connected. It also designed to be accepted by MENA culture.

8. Smart Safe Solutions: A startup that works on upgrading industrial production lines to improve the implemented lean manufacturing system using RFID.

9. Happiana: An adaptable charging solution to fulfill the different needs for different people.

10. E-kacia: A mobile app that helps collecting electronic waste materials to be recycled to produce high tech products.

11. TechnoRecycle: It offers e-waste recycling services starting with collecting from different sources, sorting, and supplying customers with mother boards, metal,s and other reusable materials.

Once 'Plasma' ends, the fourth stage, 'Nova', will take place in November. It consists of a grand demo day where startups will have the chance to pitch in front of investors to win cash prizes totaling 15,000 euros (US$ 18,000) provided by VC4A.

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