New startups on the block: September

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Startups are launching faster than we can write about them, so here’s our list of raw newbies to watch.

Development and design

Egyptian startup Blink provides services that include mobile development, augmented reality (AR), and web design and development. One of its developed products is Alphabets Planet, an educational AR app that teaches kids English and Arabic.


Launched in June 2017, this startup aims to be a hub, connecting private jet owners and operators with flight attendants, pilots, and other crew members for potential job opportunities. The service is based in the UAE but could operate anywhere. Subscribed users can look for a job in this sector, negotiate an offer and finalize freelance contracts.


Imaginators’ services include building online portfolios, interactive presentations, animation, and content visualization. One of its products is Imaginators Platform, a drag and drop editor software for building presentations and customizing it. It supports different types of media files, photos and videos, and doesn’t require any coding or designing skills.


NameO is an app that features an image-to-word dictionary that targets young kids as main users. The app will be available on Android and iOS in October. It uses the mobile camera to detect objects in real life and tag their names on the screen, in English or Arabic.

The Food Analysts

This UAE human-powered service allows users to count calories and achieve set dietary goals. After signing up on the website, the service will give users access to a trained nutrition analyst via WhatsApp. Then, users can take a photo of their meal and send it to their nutritionist so the latter can log the meal and give them a detailed report of how many calories they are eating and what nutriments they are getting.

Take Answers
Business consultancy

Take Answers is an app that provides individuals with consulting sessions for SMEs, startups, and executives. The app has experts from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, South Africa, India, Canada, and the USA. it is free to download but users will have to pay for their consultancy sessions.

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