UAE dental app Udenz raised $200,000 in crowdinvesting

(Image via Udenz)


Udenz, a Dubai-based app that offers dental services for both users and dentists, has raised $203,000 with 33 investors from 10 countries via the crowdinvesting platform Eureeca. The campaign had started in past April, with an aim to raise $200,000.

Starting their services in February 2016, Udenz, which was incubated by In5, experienced a 500 percent increase in users over 12 months. It has also fulfilled about 800 appointments worth $75,000 in 2017.

The startup, which is operating as a one-stop-shop platform for patients and dentists in the UAE, wants to create a marketplace to connect users with dentists.

While users can choose from a variety of dentists and specialists, dentists can create dental offers, receive educational materials or marketing tools and tips.

“The other point [benefit] is our ‘current visit time request’ policy, which means that dentists have to accept the appointment in less than 20 minutes, there is no waiting time or time slot allocation,” said Dr.Hisham Safadi, cofounder and CEO.

Dr. Saif AlJaibeji, cofounder of Sehteq, a medical tourism facilitator which invested in Udenz earlier, said that “Udenz is a hyper-growth startup and has tripled their network of dentists over the past few months. Today, Udenz lists more than 2,000 verified dentists in the region.”

The startup reached 60,000 users from Dubai and the GCC since the launch of its mobile app, and has over 10,000 searches on its website.

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