FunRock​ ​officially​ ​launches​ ​Etihad​ ​Al​ ​Abtal,​ ​first​ ​mobile​ ​strategy​ ​game​ ​made for​ ​MENA

During the RiseUp Summit, FunRock, a Swedish-based mobile strategy games development company, has officially announced the global release of its first mobile strategy game Etihad Al Abtal, available now on Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

The game is tailored in design, language, and gameplay to appeal to gamers across the Middle East and North Africa.

Magdy Shehata; Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of FunRock Development announced the global release stating: “Etihad Al Abtal is the result of hard work and dedication from a full team of talented Designers, Developers, Engineers, and Copywriters of the highest calibers. Put together along with some of the best composers creating the game’s soundtrack; all to guarantee an exceptional experience suitable to all gamers in the region.”

FunRock took the opportunity of joining this year’s RiseUp Summit 2017 - a platform that gathers the leaders in entrepreneurship and investment in the MENA region – to shed a spotlight on the global launch of MENA’s game Etihad Al Abtal.

David Wallinder; CEO and Founder of FunRock added as well: “We are pleased to join a platform such as RiseUp Summit this year in Cairo, as it is a great opportunity for us to share with the regional influencers in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, and investment; the official global release of our beloved game, with which we plan on competing actively in the mobile gaming community in the MENA region.”

FunRock has established its first office in the MENA region in June 2017, located in Alexandria - Egypt with 10 team members of different specialization and is aiming to increase this number to 50 engineers, developers, and customer support by the end of 2018.

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