Morocco's WaystoCap expands to West Africa

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Source: Tech Voice Africa

Moroccan e-commerce startup WaystoCap is expanding to West Africa after having opened two new offices in West Africa.

The B2B startup has opened offices in Burkina Faso and Togo to add to its existing operations in Benin. WaystoCap has also expanded its product offerings in the region with WaystoCap Local, which helps buyers and sellers get closer to each other; enabling trust and ease. The platform offers even more flexibility to buyers and sellers; helping them deal in smaller amounts and pay in cash, and developing credit models to suit them.

Speaking to the issue, Head of Product and Co-Founder of WaystoCap, said the new offices and the new product have been very successful and are growing quickly.

He explained the logic of expanding into neighbouring countries which was threefold.

“The Franc CFA region is well integrated from a logistics and economic perspective. We are able to easily work across the three markets,” Pantucci said.

“A number of customers had been asking for us to present in those markets too with WaystoCap Local,” he added.

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