Saudi government to support up to 50 per cent of salaries in private sector

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The Human Resources Development Fund launched “Hadaf”, a campaign (# goal_ supports you), directed to private sector enterprises; to support the employment of Saudi and Saudi women within the recruitment support program to raise skills, in which the monthly wage support for the employee reaches 50%.

The Fund stated that private sector establishments can join the employment support program to raise skills and register in it by visiting the national work portal “TAQAT”, activating the “employment support programs” account from our list of programs, and then submitting job advertisement data after choosing the type of work “Employment support program to raise skills”, and raise it on the portal page so that researchers and job seekers can apply for the job, and in the fourth step after the completion of the employment phase, the facility will join the support program.

He pointed out the launch of new improvements to the support controls in the employment support program to raise the skills, as the improvements include amending the maximum wage of the subsidized employee from 10 thousand riyals to 15 thousand riyals, and abolishing the employee’s 90-day job cutout so that the job seeker is allowed to apply for jobs Advertised in the program, provided that the position is not in a facility that belongs to the same owner that he worked for.

The Human Resources Development Fund confirmed that the improvements during the past period came as a result of holding a number of workshops with several sectors in the labor market, and a number of chambers of commerce in various regions of the Kingdom, as well as listening to the notes of the fund’s comments and suggestions of business owners and beneficiaries of the program, as the fund seeks to benefit The sons and daughters of the country support the program, raise their participation rate in the labor market, and motivate private sector enterprises to qualify for localization and investment in human capital.

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