Fashion app Get Outfit raises pre-Seed investment


Fashion app Get Outfit raises pre-Seed investment
  • UAE-based fashion e-commerce startup Get Outfit, has raised an undisclosed pre-Seed round, led by Forward Angel
  • Founded in 2022 by Kim Sanzhiev, Get Outfit is a personalised fashion discovery app with an AI-powered stylist.
  • The round will accelerate Get Outfit’s soft launch of its mobile app in the UAE, with plans for follow-on investments for scaling and launching in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC. 

Press release:

Get Outfit, the next-generation fashion recommendation app revolutionises the shopping experience. Get Outfit is a member of in5 Design, based in the Dubai Design District. 

Kim Sanzhiev, founder said: “After six years in the Fashion Tech industry, I believe now is the perfect time to disrupt the way people shop for fashion in the Middle East and Beyond using AI. We just launched our first release on the App Store one month ago and have already reached 6,000 users. In the past two weeks alone, our user base and revenue have doubled. And now, we find ourselves at just the beginning of an incredible journey to create a leading recommendation platform. I started Get Outfit with a mission to make shopping easy and more personalised. 

Now you no longer need to tediously walk around shopping malls or browse endless pages of websites with 99 per cent of items that are completely not right for you. For example, when you search for “sneakers”—you see tens of thousands of items. Often you don’t know what to choose, switch across websites and spend a lot of time and effort on shopping. Now just imagine that you open a mobile application and see only truly relevant items instead of thousands but still have access to an even bigger inventory in one app. 

Your personalised item feed is curated based on your favourite fashion brands, lifestyle and purchase history. For example, if you’re a sneakerhead, you can browse personalised picks or even generate outfits for any occasion in one tap, like Smart Casual or even Cycling, customise them, and shop what you like. You can ask our AI stylist «How to style Adidas Samba?» and get instant fashion tips in a few seconds. Unlike our competitors, we build an asset-light business model. Get Outfit inspires people to make purchases with truly personalised recommendations, rather than promoting what is more profitable to sell.”

At the backend, Get Outfit seamlessly connects with the inventory of leading fashion marketplaces and retailers, including Farfetch, Ounass, and Level Shoes, encompassing over 18,000 brands, as well as select local designers. With over 700,000 integrated items available in one app, Get Outfit offers an unparalleled selection while maintaining a user-friendly experience and seamless discovery experience across different platforms. In line with its commitment to supporting local talent and sustainable brands, Get Outfit has created a dedicated section within the app exclusively for local designers. The app which is now available on the app store essentially turns your phone into a pocket stylist. One that not only has access to a multitude of options – think everything from Nike and Ermenegildo Zegna to Giving the Movement, Maison Margiela, and Prada – and handpicks items based on your style preferences but also generates picks for any occasion.

“We are glad to have Get Outfit among our portfolio of companies. In the web 3.0 era where people spend more time online using different apps and devices, habits of how we purchase goods have been influenced a lot by the e-commerce industry. The  AI brought a chance to personalise the standard buying experience, making it curated and a more interactive experience which is highly appreciated by the younger generation. We believe Get Outfit is capable of providing a wholesome solution for the next generation of fashion enthusiasts” – Essa Al Zaabi – Founder & CEO Forward Angel.

Just for the last 3 years online penetration in the UAE increased from 13% to 41,5%. Mobile from 65,2% to 72,4% and by 2025 will be 90,7%. The tech team with Chief Technical Officer Denis Bystruev with over 20 years of experience in mobile development and AI (ex-Apple, IBM, Intel) aims to capitalise on the massive market opportunity. Thanks to the capabilities of AI, a personal stylist is no longer a privilege but something that can be accessible to everyone. When a user opens the application, they can select brands and occasions that align with their preferences and lifestyle. Then, a fully automated algorithm which was developed by the Get Outfit team personalises the product feed and outfit screen, where each user receives completely unique and personalised recommendations. This is made possible because our team started training recommendation models with a community of fashion enthusiasts, allowing the platform to not only leverage AI capabilities but also valuable and meaningful data from human professional expertise.

Starting in the UAE as a local platform with a super user community, Get Outfit has ambitions to build a strong global brand with a presence in the KSA, US, UK, and EU markets, thanks to an easy-to-scale and asset-light B2B2C business model.

 “76% of the digital natives expect to see personalised product experience. They are ready to share data and believe in AI recommendations. Before app development, we launched a limited-functionality website with personal stylists on demand to validate initial product hypotheses in a new market. In just 2 days, we gained 1000 users, made sales, and received positive feedback. This led us to focus on developing a mobile app with an AI-powered recommendation engine.

After weeks of customer development on the beta version, we found that the outfit recommendation feature not only entertains users but also taps into the trend of super-sincerity that is transitioning from social media to other aspects of life, including online shopping. Our transparent, data-driven approach, based on user preferences and free of unnecessary promotions perfectly aligns with it.

Moreover, by drilling into shoppers' behaviour on one side and our technical solutions on the other, we have recognised the groundbreaking potential of combining AI and live interaction to create the experience of shopping in a small boutique that offers a perfectly curated selection tailored to your unique fashion taste, all while ensuring scalability of the business. Our app is now live on the App Store, but as you can see there's still a huge backlog of features to come!” – Aleksei Zenishin, CPO 

The partnership with the Admitad partner network (powered by Mitgo) gives Get Outfit access to thousands of merchants and creates additional revenue streams through affiliate marketing. Artem Rudyuk, Regional Director at Mitgo MENA, stated: “We are delighted to partner with Get Outfit. Our extensive network grants the project access to a diverse range of local and international online merchants and brands. As a result, the application will significantly expand its offerings for users while unlocking new ways of monetization. The more products available on the platform, the more tailored and precise recommendations AI will be able to give to customers. At the same time, brands get not only exposure and awareness but also access to the target audience without risking marketing budgets.”

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