Navigating COVID-19: Recessions, the runways for innovation?


Uncertainty is stressful in normal times. It’s hard enough to have the right business plan, create a clear strategy and message for both our teams and customers to understand. Throw in a pandemic, and uncertainty skyrockets.

History has also shown us that recessions give founders tremendous opportunities to innovate and reshape their businesses. Wamda is hosting an online webinar, 'Navigating COVID-19: Recessions, the runways for innovation' on Thursday, April 23rd, at 4:00 PM featuring Jason Nadal, from Centrado Advising, to discuss how founders can be more prepared. 

The webinar will address:

- The old runways: How past recessions laid the ground for new ways of thinking and new products.

- Being in the air now:  the turbulence that’s happening now and how that impacts short-term vs long-term thinking.

- The future can have smooth skies

 - A guide into how teams have the clarity on what they need to execute:

a. Business Strategy

b. Marketing

c. Sales Acceleration

About Jason Nadal: 

20+ years’ experience in tech building & turning around teams, working with partner ecosystems as well as developing consumer & enterprise products. Jason has created and executed global strategies and successfully turned around failing ones. This includes transforming and leading teams at Microsoft where he held global roles helping software companies transform their business into the cloud as well as helping the largest enterprise companies discover and implement advanced innovation projects around AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Edge Computing. As Vice President at Oracle, Jason came in to turn around a $200m business with a ~125 person team with sales, marketing, partner development and technical roles who were trying to focus on helping independent software vendors (ISV’s) transform their business into the cloud.

Register your interest to tune in on the webinar, here.


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