My Own Business: Starting a Business

My Own Business, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to helping people succeed in business. The course is presented by successful business owners who point out the common, avoidable mistakes.

Our course is geared toward the entrepreneur who wants to start his or her own business, and the individual who has an established small business and would like to see that business grow and expand. Most people fail in business because they make avoidable mistakes! This free course teaches you what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.


Session 1: Evaluating Business Potential
Session 2: The Business Plan
Session 3: Communication Tools
Session 4: Business Organization
Session 5: Licenses & Permits
Session 6: Business Insurance
Session 7: Location and Leasing
Session 8: Accounting and Cash Flow
Session 9:   How to Finance Your Business
Session 10: E-Commerce Business
Session 11: Buying a Business or Franchise
Session 12: Opening and Marketing
Session 13: Expanding and Problems
Session 14: International Trade
Session 15: Managing Employees
Session 16: Home Based Business 

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