Discover the Phrenology of an Entrepreneur

Peruse a list of thoughts that enter the mind of a typical entrepreneur- do you agree?

1. I need to make triply sure I have the best possible product/service for my customers.

2. How can I better improve the way I reach out to my customers?

3. How can I better improve the way I reach out to my customers’ customers?

4. I’ve been working around the clock 24/7 recently, hope the wife, the kids and the house are still where I left them.

5. Wow, we are doing much better than I would have thought.

6. Man, we need to do much better much faster.

7. Do we take more money from investors to grow faster or do we do it more sustainably?

8. It’s a lot of work and pain finding the human resources, especially when it’s done with my money.

9. Look at property prices boom! I’d have made a million or two easily if I wasn’t tied up in this business. Never mind, I’ll do better than that within 2 years

10. I’ve got a great team. I can’t ask for more really.

11. How do I improve my team?

12. This is really an excellent time to be an entrepreneur here. Asia’s booming and Singapore awash with capital.

13. Entrepreneurship is great! I can’t wait to get a partial cash out of this venture so I can put my money on this other interesting idea(s) that came to me the other day.

14. Hope I don’t look like an idiot in 12 months, giving up a $15,000 a month job for this

15. What this guy is doing looks interesting. Is he a potential competitor or ally? Is he competent, how will he react to me?

16. I need to do more networking and less dirty work.

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