Don’t Panic. There is Life After Blackberry.


Don’t Panic. There is Life After Blackberry.

We all know that entrepreneurs in the Middle East are becoming very addicted to their smart phones. It's been an especially tough week with the recent Blackberry outage- some of you may be going through withdrawal. But stay calm- here are 5 things you can do next time your BB service is down.

1. Talk to the People Sitting Next to You. Not having a phone will force those peripheral humans you’ve been hanging out with to come into focus. Try giving them your full attention. It could be as simple as making eye contact with the people you walk past, or as complex as carrying on a full conversation without looking down at your hands and making phone gestures.

2. Focus on the road. Now that your BB is down, you can avoid near-wrecks by watching the road while you drive.  The degree of safety that you feel may seem strange, but try to welcome a chance to prolong your life.

3. Stretch your thumbs. Now that you’re not using them, you can relax them. Give them a small massage to make sure they don’t cramp while you’re not using them.

4. Practice Full Sentences. Without BBM, you may find yourself adrift without shorthand. SMS is ok, but writing your mother a note that says ya ma, c u 2moro ttfn <3 might not cut it. Reacquaint yourself with the longhand versions of  “tomorrow,” “later,” and “I love you.”

5. Buy an iPhone. When the people around you get boring, remember- the iPhone 4S is out. And it has Siri, a virtual assistant that will set your alarm, find phone numbers for you, and even tell you the meaning of life in a soothing voice.

Finally, take some time to notice what’s around you and enjoy your surroundings. You never know when your next big opportunity might come- it might be sitting right next to you. Don’t be staring at your phone when it arrives.  

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