Cash Flow is Never More Important Than Your Mother: Happy Mother's Day from Wamda

Cash Flow is Never More Important Than Your Mother: Happy Mother's Day from Wamda

Today is Mother's Day on Wamda. We just wanted to remind you that, while Ken Morse said that "cash flow is more important than your mother when it comes to managing your startup, you should never neglect the woman that raised you for your business.

Wamda's CEO Habib Haddad points out that, "Behind every great entrepreneur is a great mom who thinks her son is crazy to leave his safe job."  

Whether your mom told you you were crazy to launch out and start your own business, or whether she supported you the whole way through, it's her day. 

We wanted to give a special shout-out to our Managing Editor, Maya Rahal, who is also a mom, and also remind you of some cool resources, both for moms and for mom entrepreneurs.

Promomz: a site that matches moms with work opportunities, whether part-time, full-time or freelance, shares entertainment ideas and suggestions for moms and their families to play, and helps exchange information and resources with moms 

Supermama.me: A Arabic and English community for moms, providing information about housekeeping, home budgeting, cooking, cleaning, career, relationships, and social life.

Mumzworld: An e-commerce portal offering discounts on products for moms and their children. 

3a2ilati: An Arabic portal for moms and families offering tips from experts on health, beauty, health care, diet, and child care.

And let us- and the moms out there- know of any others!

Thank you

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