Meet the Semifinalists from Google Ebda2


Meet the Semifinalists from Google Ebda2

At Google's Ebda2 event this past Tuesday, the Egyptian start-up competition otherwise known as “Start With Google,” the 50 remaining competing semifinalists ptiches their prototypes to judges. Google hasn't announced the 20 finalists yet, but here is a list of the 50 they will choose from.

2olra2yak (Say Your Opinion) - Online discussion platform to share opinions and measure public sentiment.

7el.me (My dream) - A social network to help people achieve their dreams.

Abu Erdan - A low-cost cloud-based platform that promises agri-businesses up to 50% savings on their resource usage.

AdCrwd – A regional platform that allows social media users to monetise their social network by placing paid ads in their social streams.

Agzakhana – An e-commerce site offering pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and information.  Also included is PHMS, a pharmacy management software package that promises a 20% profit increase.

Alfarabi – An integrated global social medical network that enables all medical stakeholders to communicate and share.

Amnee (My Safety) – A mobile and web safety app, that aims to service individuals and enterprises that employ a security team, by allowing users to alert their safety network when there’s a problem.

Ana Academy (Me Academy) – An education portal providing professionally produced video tutorials on various subjects.

Ahdaf 3arabiya (Arabic Goals) – An Arabic portal that provides enriched Arabic content with the aim of developing the reading culture in Arabic peoples.

Bashar Soft – A recruitment and HR specialist software developer providing solution to increase the efficiency of companies’ recruitment and HR processes.

Bey2ollak – A crowd-sourced traffic information service.

Bosletak (Your Compass) – An online portal to help Arab students fulfil their educational and professional objectives.

Cartoon Hero – A kids and family entertainment site, where each child will have his/her own personalised 3D super-hero, playing mini-games in the virtual and real world.

CitJo – A platform to help citizen journalists monetise their video content.

Cloud Center – An online call centre platform to allow call center service calls to be taken by home-employed individuals.

Digital Egypt - An iPhone, iPad, and Android app displaying a map of Egypt with high resolution satellite imagery overlaidl, allowing you to search for local landmarks and view 360 degree panoramic views. 

Egypt GIS Information Portal – A portal allowing users to visually locate and explore landmarks and real estate developments.

E-Teb (E-Medicine) – An Arabic medical portal allowing users to rate medical practices and build a medical history profile that can be shared.

Crowd Dynamics – Voices is a direct-democracy platform that utilises the wisdom of the crowds. E3mel 5er (Do good) is a charity platform that connects all stakeholders in the NGO field.

Ekhlass (Get Rid) – An online marketplace for users to sell their 2nd hand goods.

eTransparent – A secure, end-to-end auditable e-voting software & hardware system.

Gam3eya (Co-op) – Crowd-sourced personal loans portal, based on the traditional form known locally as gam3eya, no interest.

Group Stre.am – A visual group story telling tool, allowing groups to easily bring together their social media freagments.

IntaFeen (Where Are You) – A location based mobile app, a bit like the Arab version of FourSquare, where users compete to become the Umda (mayor) of a place.

Iqraaly (Read To Me) – A web and mobile platform to convert written Arabic articles into audio files via human narration.

Janna Books (Heaven Books) – Digital Arabic interactive books for children, with games that help child development.

Karm Solar – Provide the Solar Management Interface that allows high-capacity solar water pumping technology to replace inefficient and polluting diesel based systems.

Ketaaby (My Book) – Provide Arabic interactive stories and fun learning apps.

KSearch – An innovative Arabic search engine by alKhawarizmy software.

Ma7lak (Your Shop) – A turn-key white label e-commerce solution for Arabic SMEs.

Madad – A social venture to bring together NGOs and donors.

Map Analysis Platform – Map analysis solution covering many layers e.g. irrigation/ population/ roads/ etc. to provide an accurate national decision making platform.

Mawazeen – A decision management platform that allows the comparing and evaluating of dissimilar issues on a rational basis.

Meastock – An online media brokerage website, with content focussed on the Middle East. Uploaders earn 35% commission.

MediaWave – A real-time mobile tagging technology targeting all radio and TV stations worldwide. A user tags live content by sending an empty SMS to the station.

We Care – An online hospital providing medical consultations and services to develop the level of the local medical culture.

OutBuy.Me – The gamification of the shopping experience. Like FourSquare where people “buy” instead of “check-in”.   The objective is to out buy other followers to get rewards and recognition.  Also providing a cross-brand universal loyalty programme.

Proxima – A health informatics platform, specifically designed for the Egyptian market, that aims to connect all medical stakeholders through a uniform and integrated platform.

Rawa7 (Go home) – An Egyptian public transportation route finder and management mobile and web app.

RecycloBekia – A mobile and web app to facilitate the collection and recycling of waste.

RIMPulse – An eHealth service comprising electronic medical records and medicine.

Sacha Books – A line of off-the-shelf interactive Arabic books, delivered using their own e-book-store.

SmarEd – An online interactive collaborative portal for students to complement their school education, delivering content based on the Egyptian curriculum, but also with the ability to include other curriculums.

SuperMama – An online mothering and parenting portal for the Arab world.

TeeksForGeeks – A cloud-based online platform to facilitate ICT information sharing and interactive training and collaboration.

The Home Page – An online hub connecting all stakeholders of the Egyptian furniture industry.

Mobile Brochure Builder – A web app that generates custom mobile brochure apps in just a few clicks.

Ubering – A gamified social interaction platform, users gain credit for sharing conclusions on news, with the aim of becoming experts in their areas of interest.

Wasalny – A crowd-sourced traffic information service.  Its USP is the automatic traffic gathering capability of it mobile app.

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