Social Responsibility is about You [Pic of the Week]

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Entrepreneurship is not about the money. Yes, making money is important and a strong incentive for innovation, but there are a lot of startups and new projects emerging in the region that seek to also do social good while generating income.

This week, contributor Kamel Al-Asmar highlighted 15 social ventures across the Arab world who are doing just that, empowering people, fighting poverty, and promoting sustainability. These initiatives are designed to help others to build a more secure and vibrant society, instead of merely turning a profit. Their efforts, in both the short the long term, will have a positive affect on the regional ecosystem.

To spur small ventures such as these along, Fadi Ghandour announced this week the Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibilitiy (CER) movement, calling on the private sector to support and invest in startups and small businesses, in order to create more sustainable societies and employment opportunities in the region.

It's been discussed before, but now it's an official movement - a call to larger corporations and the private sector on the whole to fulfill its role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem by taking part in the Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility movement.

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