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A few weeks ago, we launched our blogging platform so that you can openly share your thoughts and insights on entrepreneurship with the rest of the Wamda community. 

We also launched a competition for the best blog. So how can you succeed in the competition and boost your readership afterwards?

Here are some tips to help bring more attention to your article:

1) Format Properly 

Make sure your article isn’t made of bulky paragraphs. It's always easier to entice readers online with shorter paragraphs. If your sentences themselves are too long, consider breaking them into more than one sentence as this will help readers absorb the meaning.

If you're creating lists, instead of doing this:Improper Formatting

Use the bullet button to format your points nicely:

Proper Formatting

This makes your points much easier to see in the post. 

2) Add Images to your Article

Not only does adding an image to your article make it more appealing to read, but it ‘s also a good trick for breaking an article into short parts that are easier to read. To add an image to your article, you can link to one that is already online, either on your website, or through another source. In that case, a good habit to develop is to add the source at the end of your article.

Here’s how to link an image:

1) Click on the image icon

Adding an Image

2) Add the link to the image, and a description.

Insert an Image

3) You can also customize the alignment. And voila! 

Community Post with Image

3) Upload a thumbnail

Our team reviews articles that are published by the community, so if your article provides interesting insights and tips, it will be highlighted on the Community page.

If you take a look at the image at the top of this post, which articles do you find more eye-catching? Most likely hose with thumbnails. 

To add a thumbnail, click on "Choose File" and select the thumbnail you'll use- our default size is 250w x 136h.

 Choose a Thumbnail

4) Don't Forget Tagging and Categorizing

Typically, posts that are tagged are easier to find both on our website and by search engines. Make sure you tag your article with  words that describe what it's about, especially standard keywords, for example:

To make your articles easier to reference on Wamda, be sure to select the categories or topics you think your article discusses. This will help readers who are browsing for articles on those topics easily find your post.

5) Crossposting is OK

Some of you have content that you've already posted on your own blog or another website that you'd like to share on Wamda. Crossposts are fine; also feel free to add a disclaimer at the end of the post mentioning where this article was originally published. But also make sure to update the article with any relevant recent developments since it was written.

Write Simply

Once you have the basics down, remember that the simpler the title and clearer the piece, the easier it is for readers to access. Of course, the more it discusses challenges, advice, or experience that they may share when starting a business, or trends that everyone is curious about, the more readers you'll have.

Have fun!

Finally, don't forget to enjoy the process of starting your own personal blog. Welcome to Wamda- we're delighted to have your voice on the site and have you as a part of our community.  

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