Sister Entrepreneurs Open Trendy Café in Oman [Wamda TV]

Omani entrepreneur Amal Al-Khusaibi, Deputy Managing Director of The K’s Café, discusses how she and her sisters turned a small catering business into a local café in Muscat, Oman.

After her sister started catering from her home, the four sisters felt that perhaps they could work together to build the operation into a larger business. They began planning over a year ago for their new café, self-funding its development and setting up clear governance rules to avoid any family feuds.

Their family and friends have been supportive throughout the project as well; some have even lent to the sisters to expand upon their ideas. The café brings “a little French to Oman,” says Al-Khusaibi, offering “cozy, homemade, and light food.”

Al-Khubaisi also touches upon the startup ecosystem in Oman, noting that the Sultan has been very supportive of young entrepreneurs starting their own ventures, even inviting the Al-Khubaisi sisters to events hosted by the government. Women are still the minority in Omani entrepreneurship, she notes, but things are improving.

Check out this brief interview at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit to see how the Al-Khubaisi sisters manage and expand their family operation in Oman’s ecosystem.

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