Does Appearance Affect Your Chance at Success in the Workplace? [Infographic]

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83.4% of MENA respondents link appearance to success.

It’s a startlingly high statistic, but respondents in’s recent poll of over 10,525 people, covering more than 12 countries in the Arab world, confirm that appearance does matter.

The infographic below shows the results of their poll on the “Influence of Personal Appearance on Hiring Decisions," conducted between February 14 and March 15, 2013. Key findings include:

  • 78.6% of respondents believe there is a correlation between being well-groomed and growing professionally.
  • 76.4% believe that employers make a hiring decision based on a candidate’s physical appearance.
  • Good personal grooming and style is demonstrative of good character, according to 24.8% of respondents.
  • Only about half (47.3%) of the poll’s respondents say that their company has a dress code. Of these, 46.4% claim to have not been informed of it when joining – they found out later by themselves.
  • Western formal-wear is preferable to 62.4% of respondents. 29.1% wear informal clothes or dress casually, with just 8.5% opting for ethnic or national dress. Showing off tattoos or piercings is considered taboo by 51.9%.
  • 63.5% of professionals affirm that they feel judged on the basis of their personal grooming and clothes.  

Check out the infographic below and let us know what you think. Does appearance affect your chances at success?

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