New Incubator Supports Social Ventures in Saudi Arabia

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Tasamy, established with the support of Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, was created to help set up volunteering initiatives across Saudi Arabia and encourage youth to build social projects. 

The center recently launched an “initiative incubator” program that supports projects created by youth. “The center’s programs provide mentorship opportunities for volunteers to develop their own initiatives, increasing their chances of being incubated and funded,” says Legine Al Obeid, Executive Manager at Tasamy. 

Tasamy has previously organized its own volunteering projects, including “Anamel Mobsera” which empowers the blind with workshops and volunteer initiatives.  

“Ibtasim”, another of their other volunteering programs, is aimed at helping special needs children through entertainment, trips, and fundraising campaigns to buy toys and necessities for them. Through this program, Tasamy organized “Ahdi Ibtisama” (I gift a smile) in one of Riyadh’s commercial centers to collect new games for these same children.  

The deadline for applying to Tasamy’s incubation program is April 28, 2013; the application can be found on their website here.  

Their video below further explains the program and how new projects can receive support from the center:


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