Google for Entrepreneurs supports new co-working space in Egypt

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Are Egypt's tech entrepreneurs ready for a co-working space with device testing facilities? Google for Entrepreneurs has announced support for The Library Giza, which will be a startup community space designed to offer testing, support, and training.

To specifically support startups built around web technology, which contribute an estimated 15.6 billion EGP (US $2.2 billion) to the Egyptian economy, The Library Giza will a device library where startups can test their products and services. It will also host meetups, trainings, and classes on topics like technical development and design, business planning, management and operations, and emerging technologies and business models.
With a focus on local education, the co-working space will also host talks and mentorship sessions with industry experts and will provide programs targeted to specific verticals, including mobile apps, e-commerce, health, education, and gaming.  

"We are building a place to promote interaction, openness and educational development, a place for accidents of genius to happen," the Library Giza's website declares, with a touch of Google flavor.

“We are committed to helping build a vibrant ecosystem for startups and enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs to be successful," Wael Fakharany, Google’s Regional Manager in Egypt and North Africa, said in a statement. "The Library Giza will generate ideas, jobs and energy for the new Egypt and help harness that energy and untapped potential of the Egyptian youth.” 

To the startups that are using the space already: what's your feedback?

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