Signs you are a natural born entrepreneur [Infographic]


Signs you are a natural born entrepreneur [Infographic]

Are you a natural entrepreneur, a mid-level manager, or better as a team member? The infographic below shows what type of person you may be in the workplace. While it’s not particularly scientific, the infographic by masters-in-business.net notes some interesting characteristics of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are more likely to speak enthusiastically about their business to draw potential partners in with their sheer charisma and often streamline their workspace for success. Mid-level leaders and team members are often more driven by assigned tasks instead of having an entrepreneur’s self-motivation. In their down time, entrepreneurs may be caught reading or trying to learn something new, while team members are more likely to either be catching up on sleep or playing games on their phone.

Although this infographic isn’t at all comprehensive, it’s a fun way to see where your job direction may be headed. Check out the infographic below to find your path or click on it for a larger version.

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