Why startups should look outside of traditional VC funding for investment [Wamda TV]

Young startups shouldn’t get stuck looking for funding only from VC’s. There’s a world of opportunity in less traditional funding sources to get your company off the ground according to Alex Wyatt, the founder of Climate Bridge at the World Economic Forum meeting in Jordan in May.

After speaking with and mentoring some of Jordan’s newest entrepreneurs, Wyatt noted that in the region, “There’s just not a tradition of entrepreneurialism, and so therefore the simple building blocks of getting things done is something that people really aren’t aware of.” But he’s optimistic that things are changing with mentorship and entrepreneurship education, as more and more entrepreneurs follow through with their ideas, find funding, and keep innovating.

In this brief interview, Wyatt discusses his experience when first building Climate Bridge and later selling his shares. His initial challenge was finding funding; he recommend that entrepreneurs look outside of the most popular VC’s to fund their ideas.

Check out the video to learn more about managing a growing company and finding that first bit of funding.

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