6 crazy HTML5 websites that will blow your mind

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Cross-posted from the original version published on Jihad Kawas’s Blog on September 3, 2013.

Editor’s Note: Jihad Kawas is an active member of Lebanon’s entrepreneurship community. Currently a student, he is a developer and has been an active participant at several Startup Weekend and other entrepreneurship events across the country. His post reveals some of the coolest and most amazing HTML5 experiences, or experiments, online today.

Check out his list below and try them out for yourself.

1. The Wilderness Downtown | Arcade Fire 

The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive music video for Arcade Fire’s song “We Used to Wait”. Visitors are asked to input the address of the home they grew up in and then the site uses Google Earth and HTML5 to create a personalized music video that takes the user on a journey back home.

2. 3 Dreams of Black

3 Dreams of Black uses HTML5 to promote Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album Rome. The site creates a 3D interactive world using WebGL where all the objects in the video react to both the music and user inputs. The site will make you feel as if you’ve experienced the song and not simply listened to it.

3. 360 Langstrasse Zurich

This website uses HTML5 to allow users to take an interactive stroll down one of the busiest streets in Zurich. A fun experience that allows users a glimpse into what the future of virtual tourism may look like, this page also serves as a possible guide to a more intimate way for small business to advertise their shops.

4. Soul Reaper

This scroll-activated digital comic book, developed by Saizen Media, uses HTML5 to breathe some new life into the presentation of graphic stories. The added motion and pacing makes the static images and story seem to come alive in a way that bridges between classic comics and video.

5. Universeries

Universeries is a reference site about television producers and the shows they’ve created that illustrates how HTML5’s data visualization tools can enhance static information presentation. If you love TV and would like to find out more about your favorite shows, there is no more entertaining way to do so online.

6. The Expressive Web

Adobe created the Expressive Web website to highlight the functionality and creative potential offered through the use of HTML5 and CSS3. Through various examples and code snippets, this is truly the best “advanced” HTML5 user guide we’ve seen. This site should be bookmarked by all HTML5 developers.

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