6 simple ways for startups to give back to the community

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Nine out of 10 consumers prefer to buy their products from companies that adopt corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, according to a survey conducted by Bayt.com published last year.

Startups and small businesses, which are often focused on setting up and building, often don't immediately develop CSR programs, because the returns might not be clear. However, the brand impact can be large, and with simple goals, a CSR program could be easy to implement, without necessitating hiring specialized employees or increasing company costs. It can also be done without spending too much time, which is a company's most valuable resource. 

Here are some simple ways that a startup can begin developng a CSR culture:

  • Have employees participate in local activities such as beach cleanups or recycling drives
  • Support of social causes on company social media sites
  • Organization of free workshops or seminars in the area of the company’s expertise for members of the community
  • Working with local institutions or companies to organize community service campaigns to promote the use of bicycles to reduce pollution
  • Donations to charities in the name of the company
  • Free gift with every purchase with advice on how to engage in community service

By adding just one of these to a company's plan, engaging the surrounding communities towards a greater good can increase the startup’s chance of success.

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