Kidpreneurs summer camp in Kuwait

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    August 16, 2015

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    August 27, 2015

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Sirdab Lab wants to give your children their first taste of entrepreneurship through two workshops. They can learn the basics of business (production, dealing with money, accounting, pricing tactics, and marketing), and how to sell their products effectively.

Week 1 (August 16-20) will be dedicated to "My First Dinar" workshop. Kids will explore their creativity through arts and crafts activities, where they'll create pieces to sell in their mini-business later in the week. They will also learn how to communicate their thoughts effectively and present their ideas.

Week 2 (August 23-27) will be dedicated to Minecraft workshop. Minecraft is a game that's praised for unleashing the creativity of kids and grown ups alike. Kids would be introduced to the game, gameplay and mechanics and will create their own virtual world (and maybe fight zombies, too).

Kids can join for one week or more in this series of events.

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