Back to school junior game creators

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    September 01, 2015

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    September 10, 2015

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Spica Tech Gaming Academy, in coordination with AltCity for the "Back to School" season, wants to teach your children how to design video games using the preferred engine Unity3D. The program will cover assets, importing, implementing basic gameplay, animations and basic AI. C# programming language will also be introduced. Using Project Based Learning, the children will work with the concepts of variables, methods, Dot Syntax, and decision processing to create their own game project during the course.

The course offers 4 different programs in 4 different categories: 2D animation, coding, game design and C# programming using Unity 3D.

Their goal is to boost the minds of kids with twenty-first century skills and get them ready for school with fruitful and productive hobbies. It's to change your kids from passive digital consumers to active producers and creators.

Children don’t need any previous programming or animation experience to take part in this program.

Limited seats available (10 per program!). Book now!

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