EdTech in MENA: issues and recommendations [Infographic]

MENA public spending on education as a percentage of GDP exceeds the world average, yet it still badly needs reform. 

Youth unemployment is amongst the highest anywhere. Although enrolment rates have risen, the quality of eduction has not. Employers say low-skilled job seekers impede growth. Moreover, the number of teachers has not kept pace with increasing enrolment rates.

There is no doubt that a revolution in education is needed. With the potential for scale that is made possible by tech entrepreneurship, that revolution could happen.

Most of the entrepreneurship in MENA’s EdTech space is occurring in Egypt and Jordan. The Wamda Research Lab surveyed more than 50 EdTech entrepreneurs across the region in an effort to better understand and map the sector. The report, 'Lesson One', has some surprising findings and recommendations. Read on below, and download the full report here.



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