Mentorship and community building show big potential for entrepreneurs at Mix N’ Mentor Nuwait

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If there’s just one word to describe Mix N’ Mentor - Nuwait Edition, it would be “hunger.” Hunger for mentorship, hunger for talent, and hunger for knowledge.

On October 22nd, 70 entrepreneurs and 28 mentors showed up at Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait City for the 26th edition of Wamda’s signature event, Mix N’ Mentor.

Say cheese.

The inaugural Nuwait Edition of the event was brought to you by the National Fund for SME Development, which announced the launch of Nuwait in its first ever forum on October 21st.

Nuwait is a platform that showcases Kuwait’s entrepreneurs and their journeys.

Small group discussions during the morning session.

After a quick ice-breaking exercise, entrepreneurs participated in two morning workshops on team building, fundraising, online user acquisition and business development. The afternoon was dedicated to workshops on making a business model canvas, user experience design (UX), nurturing and closing deals, and client and user growth. The day concluded with a fireside chat where entrepreneurs and mentors shared insights and lessons learned during the day. 

Though vibrant and dynamic, Kuwait’s startup ecosystem is still relatively new. Challenges range from government red tape to access to mentorship and talent.

The latter was a especially large concern for attendees.

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