How to leverage content at Mashup MENA

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SMEs and startups that wish to reach more customers should offer smart content and leverage web analytics.

This was the message at the second annual Mashup MENA, a digital marketing conference that brought together more than 30 speakers and 500 audience members and offered 20 sessions in Kuwait.

Mashup MENA was all about growth. (Image via TAG Events)

"We made sure to target different segments of business to give SMEs the opportunity to participate alongside large corporations, and provide a suitable atmosphere for them," said Fady Kamal, CEO of event organizers Center of Digital Excellence Code.

Underscoring Kuwait’s focus on startups, the National Bank of Kuwait, gave out 50 tickets to SMEs and announced a new e-commerce platform dedicated to SMEs.

More content means more sales

A workshop on how to build a “growth engine” for one’s startup emphasized the importance of relevant content and user feedback. It urged startups to use online analytics to map user engagement.

CRM tools and Big Data Analysis are very useful.

It’s undeniable that digital media is affecting consumer decisions. Tailoring content to  user behavior and online engagement helps marketers determine which channels and ad campaigns with which to reach consumers.

"You can fill the gap between any kind of ads - traditional or digital - and the actual sales, by using tools like tracking transaction receipts,” said Snipp general manager Aya Kabbara.

A platform that offers a simple yet effective user experience cannot be overstated.

Bringing startups up to speed

A panel moderated by Samer Karam (above) covered the challenges that startups face while integrating with the “economic ecosystem.”  Speakers included Abdulaziz B. Al Loughani, vice chairman and executive director of the Kuwait National Fund for SME Development, Hala Fadel of Leap Ventures and Tamara Zakaria of SETT.

Other topics went over the opportunities that can be created in Kuwait and The Middle East through the cooperation of stakeholders and increasing awareness of entrepreneurship.

An SMEs expo showed went over social media and e-marketing campaigns.

Telecommunications manufacturer Huawei brought 10 startups it sponsored to display their products, and unveiled an initiative to support SMEs in Kuwait through a series of sponsorships that would expand in 2016.

Mashup MENA was a success in gathering many talents in one room, establishing a communication between marketers, startups and innovators and hence facilitating a medium for knowledge and expertise exchange, which would serve one goal: delivering a clearer message to the users.

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