Arab Arcade's Game Ideation Competition

Take your first steps to becoming a game designer with Arab Arcade’s first Game Ideation Competition! Taking place on March 19 at the UK Lebanon Tech Hub.

In this one-day competition, participants will come up with a game concept around a certain theme, to be provided at the event.

They will be taken through the key steps of creating and designing a game from A to Z and then present their idea after spending the day visualizing it as best as possible. 

Expert mentors will be available to guide participants through the day.

While no coding skills are required for this event, it is recommended that teams be well-rounded and made up of all the core skills needed to make a game, which includes everything from gameplay, to art, to music to monetization. Everyone can bring something to the table!

Teams can be  between 2-4 people and participation is FREE! Those without teams will be able to form ones during the event.

Prizes will be provided by MENA Games Conference, Wixel Studios, and Game Cooks. The top two teams will win tickets to the MENA Games Conference, and will receive a head to head advisory session on Game Design and Prototyping from Wixel Studios and Game Cooks!

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