​​​Driving Economic Growth Through Entrepreneurship Ecosystems [Exclusive discount code!]

Event overview

  • Event type:

    Educational Program

  • Organizers:

    Babson College

  • Start date

    August 10, 2016

  • End date

    September 30, 2016

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Babson College is offering a program specifically to help public and private sector leaders create an entirely new internal capacity to formulate and implement entrepreneurship ecosystems in their societies using the most advanced concepts, methods, cases, and practice in the field.​ The program will be taking place on November 7-9 at Babson College campus.

A global consensus is emerging among world leaders that entre­pre­neur­ship is a key strategy—some would say, the key strategy—for economic growth and development. However, a painful gap exists between public leaders’ new commitment to entre­pre­neur­ship and their regions’ abilities to intentionally create programs and processes that will systematically and measurably stimulate entrepreneurial growth.

Driving Economic Growth Through Entre­pre­neur­ship Ecosystems (#DEGBabson) is designed to give public and private sector leaders the newest perspectives on the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, through state-of the-art assessment methodologies, practical tools, and case studies.

The event is a two and a half-day, open enrollment, residential program consisting of:

  • Case studies of real life global entre­preneurs and accessible global entre­pre­neur­ship

  • Case studies of entre­pre­neur­ship development in various types of economies

  • Assessments of each participant’s entre­pre­neur­ship ecosystem’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Design and imple­men­tation of entre­pre­neur­ship development pilot programs “back home”

  • Simulations of entre­pre­neur­ship ecosystem development

  • Action planning for identifying and activating the entre­pre­neur­ship stakeholders

  • Exercises to establish measurable entre­pre­neur­ship development objectives

Ideally, the event is tailored for public and private sector leaders in­clud­ing di­rect­or gene­rals, pro­gram direct­ors, agency man­agers, private sector and civic leaders, and other formal and informal leaders who seek to create and imple­ment entre­pre­neur­ship ecosystems in their societies.

This is a great opportunity to address and discuss a number of issues that are hindering the progress of the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as government support, policies, and differentiating among alternative funding vehicles.

Application fees are as follow:

        Until September 2, 2016: $3,150

        After September 2, 2016: $3,500

While signing up, make sure to use the code DEG-WAMDA for a $315 discount from your total sum.

For more information on the event and the topics to be discussed, visit the Babson College website.

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