Startup Watch: Wikipedia under attack, the Ja Rule mess-up and the magic of vinegar

The world of entrepreneurship news is a complex one, with people ever ready to give their two cents on how you should be running your business, pitching your business and what’s trending.

Here’s our wrap (get it?) of how Ja Rule messed up big time, liquids that dissolve devices and countries face terrorism, cyberattacks and ego.  

Dubai can’t get enough. Having the tallest building or the biggest mall in the world are just not enough to satisfy Dubai’s appetite for being pioneers. In partnership with Microsoft, the Dubai government announced earlier this week the Dubai Font, a new digital font which will be available in 23 languages. It’s going to be the official communication font for all government entities. Type that, world.

Ja doesn’t rule. Rapper Ja Rule teamed up with Billy McFarland to launch Fyre, a marketplace that connects talent with venues and help with event organization. To celebrate what they had, or as it now seems, not achieved, they attempted to throw a festival in the Bahamas. It was a disaster. Luxurious cabanas turned out to be ‘disaster-relief tents’, food was less than average, people were stuck at the airport while others were left stranded on the island. To pour salt on the wound, the pitch deck they prepared to investors and attendees was pitiful. A good lesson in not selling something you can’t produce.

Not how the Fyre Festival turned out. (Image via Pexels)

A dash of vinegar and it’s gone. By 2018, 50 million metric tons of electronic waste will be just sitting there. But there could be a solution with a new wearable device being tested by scientists at Stanford University. It contains molecules that, if you pour vinegar on it, will allow the device to be dissolved within 30 days.

Via Giphy.

Wamda of the week: Lucky number seven. If at first you don’t succeed try and try again. It’s an old adage but it’s true. Saudi startup Gorfah tried six different business models before they came up with the right one at number seven. Feeling out of luck? Try one more time.

Breathe in, breathe out. (Image via Pixabay)

Take a chill pill. Work, it’s never ending, right? Even when you get that list of ‘things to do’ all crossed off it’s like there’s another list just sitting and waiting for you. And perhaps rushing through those lists isn’t always the best thing to do. So, read this and get some insight into how you can better plan your day and do your tasks, while still getting to take a stroll in the park and spend time not working.

Because Turkey said so. Wikipedia is having a tough week. Or at least some of its users are. Turkey blocked access to the online encyclopedia and demanded the site to remove all content written by authors who “support terror” and are “linking the country to terrorism”. Meanwhile China is set to launch a local rival for Wikipedia next year. 20,000 people reportedly already been hired to work on it.

Saudi Arabia under cyberattack. According to the director of the National Center for Cyber Security at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in the kingdom, 2015 saw 164,000 cyber attacks in one day. He believed this might have been due to the fact that some private and public entities, rather than focusing on developing their security systems, were too busy focusing on their tech development.

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