Saudi delivery apps that could save you from Ramadan traffic

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Traffic in Saudi Arabia is an issue that gets worse every year, especially in Riyadh. With rising heat and fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, leaving the house to buy groceries becomes even harder.

Increased internet and mobile penetration rates in Saudi Arabia have pushed entrepreneurs to make the most of this market by creating a slew of delivery apps. Here are some of these startups in operation:


Mathaqi started in Riyadh in March. It lets you order homemade food. The company works with a partner to provide home-cooked meals, in order to support Saudi families and create channels that increase their income.

The app allows users to browse the menus of nearby home cooks.

The Mathaqi app received the ‘Best Mobile App Innovation’ award at the KSA Enterprise Agility Awards 2017.


The app allows users to deliver any type of product through freelance shoppers (those who will shop for you). It also allows merchants to reach a user database and send invoices through the app.

Mrsool app wants to be a channel between the customer and the merchant, and provide an extra source of income for freelancers.

This app was launched in Riyadh in 2015. It is currently operational in cities throughout Saudi Arabia.


Tawseel was launched in May 2016 in Makkah. It provides a direct delivery service for different products, from food to clothing.

After going through the Wadi Makkah acceleration program they received 1 million Saudi riyals (approximately US$266,000).


Mawaashi (livestock in Arabic) is exactly what this app delivers. Launched by two brothers raising livestock, this app allows you to choose and order livestock or packed meat.

The app was launched in the beginning of 2016, and currently operates in Riyadh.

A truck of a Ghazi app merchant. (Image via Ghazi app).

Ghazi App

The app works as a mediator between certified gas distributors and users. It links stores directly to users while allowing the latter to receive gas cylinders at their doorstep.

Ghazi App launched in late 2016, allowing users in Riyadh and Dammam to order gas cylinders by specifying their preferred time, GPS location, and proceed with the order.

Gas Express

Another gas cylinder delivery app that was launched in April in Jeddah. The app allows users to start their own accounts to order gas cylinders and have them delivered by the nearest suppliers.


Based in Dubai, this online gifting platform currently operates in the UAE and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, and Medina.), allowing users to buy gifts and have them delivered  for free.

This list is not exhaustive. If you know about a Saudi delivery app, leave us a comment.

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