Techstars and GINCO launch an accelerator program in Dubai

Techstars in partnership with GINCO has announced the launch of a new accelerator program in Dubai. Applications will open in July of 2017 and the accelerator is accepting a wide range of applicants focusing on those that are leading innovative companies solving challenges in transportation, construction, wellness, IoT, robotics and beyond.

With this accelerator Techstars is building on their current presence in the region where they’ve already reached over 500 startup weekend events. Their partner in this venture, engineering firm GINCO, has recently launched GINCO investments which aims to support the local SME community.

Ten applicants will be accepted in the first year of the program, which is to start in January 2018. Those accepted will be required to relocate to Dubai for the duration of the 13 week program which will conclude with a demo day in April.

Upon acceptance a $100,000 convertible note is automatically offered to all Techstars companies as well as $20,000 in exchange for 6% common stock. Among the perks are office space, a direct connection with Techstars network as well as hands-on mentorship from both Techstar and GINCO business leaders and executives.

The focus of the accelerator will be on the teams behind the startups especially those who are working to solve real problems and create meaningful innovations.

For those who wish to strengthen their application they recommend providing data points that reinforce their assumptions, bolstering their prototypes and rounding out their teams with technically skilled members.

Feature Image via Techstars


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