Egyptian food delivery platform secures $200K investment from 500 Startups

Cairo-based homemade food delivery startup Mumm received a $200,000 investment from 500 Startups.

The startup empowers Egyptian women to make a living from their kitchens, allowing both locals and refugees in the city to cook meals at home and sell them through Mumm.

The startups drivers deliver the meals to buyers and the cooks earn money without the effort and cost of starting up their own business. The platform is already providing many women with a monthly income of 6,000 Egyptian pounds (US$335).

The company's founder Abdel Rahman says they “want to be the first company to create a tech product focused on food at the office” and to do so by empowering people in their homes.

In 2016, Mumm closed its first investment round with A15, an Egyptian VC. In May 2017, the startup graduated from the Doha Dojo accelerator course and secured further funds last month to expand its team. Mumm was also recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the region’s’ top 100 startups in the tech field.

500 Startups has recently launched its MENA-focused fund and closed its first round at $15 million. The fund is aiming to eventually have $30 million invested in 100 to 150 startups within the regional ecosystem.

Image via Mumm

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