Startup Watch: ME millennials getting their hands dirty and Japan’s new platformer

The world of entrepreneurship news is a complex one, with people ever ready to give their two cents on how you should be running your business, pitching your business and what’s trending.

Here’s what we read on Middle Eastern millennials standing out from the crowds, new police bots in Dubai, a tech giant in the making in Japan, and the Lebanese beermaker in Australia.  

Lessons learned from the Lebanese Aussie beermaker:  In 2006, 961 Beer was about to kick-off a revolution in Lebanese beermaking, introducing a more ‘boutique’, non-classic, and younger malt liquid brand, and what’s more important, break a long-lasting market monopoly, when 2006 July War cracked. This has left founder and entrepreneur Mazen Hajjar no option but to export his talent to the farthest corners of globe: Australia, where he found a rising opportunity. Here are some lessons to discuss over a glass of craft malt. Cheers!


Robocop is back! After medical robots assisting and sometimes autonomously performing some operations, hospitality robots greeting in hotels, now we have police robots. Dubai’s residents will soon have to deal with officer-bots, which take the form of stout, four-wheeled driverless cars. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law, or should we say may be saved as biometric data?

We work harder: According to a study launched by HSBC Private Bank, entrepreneurship is witnessing bright days in the Middle East as three in ten less-than-30-years entrepreneurs are more into setting their own enterprises and businesses and even seeking to have a positive impact on the community and economy. The research also highlights the facts that those entrepreneurs are dedicating a lot of efforts to build a name for themselves, and standout from the crowds.

Wamda of the week: Pushing patents in Lebanon: Even though Lebanon, in terms of public authorities initiatives and regulations, is not much developed regarding IP registration, some steps are being taken in the right direction backed to private sector support. We might not reach a patent registration anytime soon, but we might be on the right track, hopefully.

Smarter on two wheels: As summertime is here, it is about time to embrace the outdoors. Bikes are getting smarter, connected, and promise riders more fun. Here you can find the next generation of led-colored helmets, new gigs that prevent your bike from getting stolen, and computer-related features.


A giant rising in the Far East: With the tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem increasingly absorbing investors’ cash around the globe, this time the story is more exotic. Japan’s SoftBank chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son is launching a $89.8 billion investment fund established with Saudi Arabia. The fund may also serve the interests of Saudi Arabia by helping Riyadh obtain access to foreign technology. The Saudi economy has been severely damaged by low oil prices, and policymakers are trying to diversify into new industries.This time, it is not only about tech supremacy, but also about tech facilitating diplomatic relations.  

Will iPhone 8 bring facial recognition? With the usual fanfare accompanying the release of every iPhone, industry chit-chats are reporting that the new breed of the 10-year old device might be unveiling face recognition in addition to a checklist of new features . Though futuristic, and maybe a bit scary, some are arguing the utility and functionality of this new 3D sensor gig as the manufacturer might drop the long-developed fingerprint recognition, which does not only allow access to the phone, but also direct payments through Apple Pay.

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