Saudi Aramco licenses NOMADD to create waterless cleaning systems

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Saudi Aramco entered into a technology licensing agreement with NOMADD Desert Solar Solutions, the Saudi-based startup that commercializes the NO water Mechanical Automated Dusting Device.

Founded in 2012 , NOMADD is a system designed for desert conditions to clean the dust off solar panels, dust that usually massively reduces efficiency.

Under the agreement, NOMADD, the tech startup funded by the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) will be granted the right to develop and manufacture solar array cleaning technology that was developed in-house by Saudi Aramco’s research and development team based at KAUST.

The technology will integrate with NOMADD’s fully automated waterless solar cleaning system.

This is the first commercial licensing agreement between Saudi Aramco and a KAUST funded startup.

NOMADD will distribute solar cleaning technology in Saudi Arabia and serves as an example of how a technology can be developed, commercialized, manufactured, and sold creating local jobs and providing value to the Kingdom.

Vice president of technology, oversight and coordination, Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter, said: “Commercializing technology that positively impacts the Kingdom is a great achievement and demonstrates Saudi Aramco’s commitment to a clean energy future.”

“NOMADD is excited to partner with Saudi Aramco, KAUST and other local institutions to bring this vision to fruition,” said Jos van der Hyden, founder and chief executive officer of NOMADD.

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