First edtech CVC launched in Egypt

During the launching event of EdVentures (Image via Nahdet Misr Publishing Group).

Nahdet Misr Publishing Group launched EdVentures, Egypt’s first Corporate Venture Capital

specializing in edtech.

EdVentures incubates, accelerates, and further invests in startups specializing in education and learning. It will offer all the necessary services to support young entrepreneurs starting from analyzing their customers’ needs and market landscape, planning, execution, and delivering

solutions to their target customers with a strategy in place for monitoring and evaluation. This

would be followed by further investment to ignite growth and expansion. By doing so, EdVentures would be offering entrepreneurs an environment to grow and to strengthen Egypt’s sustainable development.

Dalia Ibrahim, CEO of Nahdet Misr Publishing House said: “Nahdet Misr, being committed to playing a leading role in the development of the educational sector in Egypt and the Arab World for the past 80 years, has long recognized the existing education challenges and resolutely believes that the journey to reform starts by creating a sustainable ecosystem incorporating all the main stakeholders involved in the educational sector: parents, students, graduates, academic institutions, investors, government and entrepreneurs. That is how the idea of EdVentures originated.”

To ensure the development of successful enterprises, Nahdet Misr partnered with one of the most renowned entities in the field of entrepreneurship development: Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT), as a key partner.

Dr. Mahmoud Sakr, president of the ASRT emphasized the importance of supporting young entrepreneurs being an indispensable factor of growth in today’s economies worldwide. He added that ASRT has been helping startups through its program ‘INTILAC’ providing them with technical, financial, and logistics support. This support will be maintained through EdVentures.

Nahdet Misr also partnered with the USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) project, which will be providing the needed technical support and know-how.

Ibrahim added that EdVentures’ main goal is to contribute to the enhancement of the education sector through tech advancements and the launch of innovative products.

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