Saudi launches new ‘Designer Program’, one of the first ecommerce websites in Saudi Arabia for creative products, announced the launch of its ‘Designer Program’ in the GCC states.

Under this program, designers can upload their creative designs on T-shirts, mugs. and other products on the website. Then the site promotes, markets, and sells these products to the site visitors. Upon completion of the sale process, the designer gets a percentage of the amount generated.

The idea of ‘Designer Program’ is to give an opportunity to creative designers to make money while making art.

Ammar Waganah, CEO of the company, said: “ came up with the program idea to give opportunity to young designers of both genders to work freely at any time and make money. This new program exemplifies concept for gathering both designers and enthusiasts of innovative and stylish designs. Our website is a unique link between the innovative designer and those who require the products, and thus it saves a lot of effort on both sides. It also guarantees the professional execution of the business transaction, where each party enjoys full protection in all regards.  Our services are presently available in the GCC states.”

The platform was founded in 2013 in Jeddah, and today, its audience grew to over 100,000 customers. Last May, Mobily Ventures and Riyad TAQNIA Fund funded the startup with $2 million.

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