Smart Beirut Summit

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    Antonine University

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    December 18, 2018

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    December 18, 2018

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Beirut is entangled in controversy, suffering from waste collection and disposal issues, to political conflicts that spread beyond its national borders. Some say it is a party city; others refer to it as the fashion gateway of the middle east.

Smart Beirut Summit (SBS’18) would like to tell the audience a different story. It is about how far Beirut has come into being a smart city. In fact, over the past few years, advances in technology and the continuous digital transformation worldwide have significantly challenged the traditionally stable landscape of world cities. This has resulted in increasing interest from both technology vendors and public authorities in the transition of cities towards so-called smart cities. Smart technologies can provide immense opportunities for citizens and service providers alike.

The SBS’18 will shed light on the current situation of Beirut City in its digital transformation as well as on the undergoing efforts to put the city on the worldwide map of digitalization. Spectacular presenters will share their state of art projects in several key areas in digitalization namely, in smart health, smart energy, smart environment, and smart transportation in Beirut.

SBS’18 is organized by the Antonine University and will be held in its main campus, Hadat-Baabda on December 18, 2018. The summit will bring together representatives from the Lebanese government, the academia and companies’ professionals to discuss the smart digitalization of Beirut. It is an opportunity to meet leaders and innovators across the Lebanese and the international ecosystem, creating the ultimate opportunity for networking and building partnerships.

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