Dubai-based Searchie raises $2 million

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Dubai-based recruitment platform Searchie has raised $2 million in seed funding led by two family offices who have invested in UAE for the first time, the startup announced today.

Founded last year by Sahiqa Bennett and Harvey Bennett, Searchie uses a network of freelance recruiters and its AI assistant to help companies hire for different types of positions. Unlike most of the recruitment platforms in the region who charge a subscription fee for access to their candidate database, Searchie is using a slightly different model.

The startup charges $25-50 for every interview from the employers which also includes psychometric assessments.

It is not clear if employers are supposed to pay any of this fee in advance. Recruitment agencies normally charge a part of the fee as soon as they’re given the position.

Once an employer opens a position with Searchie, their freelancer recruiters source candidates who match the requirements. The candidates are then evaluated by Sarah, Searchie’s AI assistant that evaluates the candidates for their behavior, skills, and even cultural fit for an organization. The startup then presents a shortlist of five candidates to review and schedule interviews.

“Searchie is the first company in the MENA region to use machine learning and video to predict people’s personality and match every candidate to a company based on competency, behaviour, values and needs,” the startup said in a statement.

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