The impact of AI & machine learning on entrepreneurship

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    Speaker series

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    May 02, 2019

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    May 02, 2019

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Wamda is hosting 'The impact of AI & machine learning on entrepreneurship’, a talk featuring a special guest visiting from Amazon: Hassan Sawaf, Director of AI at Amazon Web Services at the Wamda X space, on Thursday, May 2, from 4:00 - 5:30 PM - Register here

Hassan Sawaf has worked in the automatic speech recognition, computer vision, natural language understanding, and machine translation fields for 20+ years. In 1999, he cofounded AIXPLAIN AG, a company focusing on speech recognition and machine translation. Hassan also spent time at SAIC as Chief Scientist for Human Language Technology, where he worked on multilingual spoken dialogue systems and later established and led the Artificial Intelligence team at eBay. He has been with Amazon since September 2016, where he is Director of Applied Science and Artificial Intelligence in Amazon Web Services.

He will be sharing his insight on the impact of AI & machine learning on entrepreneurship, as well as emerging AI trends, industry adoption, and potential ethical implications that could emerge from the integration of AI. 

Join us Thursday May 2, at 4:00 PM at the Wamda X space. Register your interest here

Due to limited capacity, and to make sure that you have an allocated seat at the event - please wait for Wamda's confirmation email after you have completed your registration. 




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