The Dreamers 2019 Summer Camp | Technology, Space, and Entrepreneurship

Event overview

  • Event type:

    Summer camp for children

  • Organizers:

    STEP Group

  • Start date

    June 30, 2019

  • End date

    August 15, 2019

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Dreamers platform designed to build the workforce of the future and the next wave of entrepreneurs. 

STEP Group, organizers of the annual technology festival,  STEP Conference, has launched Dreamers, a platform dedicated to preparing children with skills needed to succeed for the jobs of tomorrow.

The Dreamers program will have 3 modules covering future industries and technology, space exploration, and foundations of entrepreneurship. Theory and practice will be combined in an experimental setting while involving successful entrepreneurs and professional role models. The first Dreamers Summer Camp will start on June 30th for children between the ages of 8 and 18 years old, which parents can purchase memberships for today.

The first module, Building the Future, will cover IoT & automation, design thinking, 3D modeling & printing, robotics and coding. The Space Exploration module will cover rocket and satellite building, Earth and gravity, and a mission to Mars, to name a few. The Entrepreneurship Foundations module will cover the startup and ecosystem cycle, the business model canvas and pitch practice, amongst other activities and workshops. STEP will also be leveraging its network of successful entrepreneurs, startup founders, corporate professionals and intrapreneurs to invite guest speakers and provide real-world examples and experiences to the camp participants.

Dreamers has been launched to support the future workforce from an early age with the right technology insights and entrepreneurial skills to succeed in the non-traditional work environment and to compete for jobs that are now in the market.

The Dreamers 2019 Summer Camp includes multiple options for each module for parents to sign up their children. The Dreamers platform will host year-round in-school and after-school programs across schools in the UAE.

More information can be found here - register using promo code WAMDA20 to get 20% discount. 

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